The First Things You Should Do When You Want to Buy a Home in Texas

Homeownership is one of the first things that comes to mind when people imagine the American Dream, but where should you start? The idea of beginning this process is overwhelming enough to make even the most organized person’s head spin. If you want to buy a home in Texas and need help deciding what to […]

Top Five Reasons to Buy a Home as a Veteran with VA Loans in Dallas

Are you considering homeownership in Texas? Have you looked into VA loans in Dallas? If you’ve spent any amount of time researching the possibility, you’re probably overwhelmed with all of the pros and cons of buying vs renting. If you’re a veteran, you have even more to consider than most potential homeowners in Texas.Though renting […]

Four Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Are you ready to refinance your home? A home refinance in Texas can help you save a lot of money. However, if your FICO score is not high enough, you can be denied or lose out on favorable interest rates. To refinance a home in Texas, it is recommended you have a FICO score in […]

How Does Your FICO Score Impact Home Loans in Austin

If you are considering getting home loans in Austin, you may wonder why your FICO score is important. Finding out your FICO or credit score can be a frightening concept. It can be like tossing your personals out on your front lawn for everyone to see. Luckily, monitoring your FICO score today is relatively easy. […]

What is a Jumbo VA Home Loan?

As a veteran in Texas, you could be eligible for a Jumbo VA loan. In order to be eligible, you need to be a veteran or in the active military. Furthermore, the home you want to purchase must be in Texas and you must plan to make the home your primary residence. Jumbo VA Home […]

VA Streamline Refinancing in Texas

Do you currently have a VA loan in Texas? If you do, you could be eligible for a VA Streamline Refinance. As a homeowner, your biggest monthly expense is likely your home mortgage. If you’ve owned your home for an extended period of time and have made consistent payments, you may be able to reduce […]

3 Keys to Getting an FHA Refinancing Loan in Dallas

Do you need assistance with getting an FHA Refinancing Loan in Dallas? If you own a home in Dallas, it’s time to consider refinancing your home loan with an FHA refinance loan. Some FHA refinance loan options are streamlined for a faster and smoother process. Other FHA refinance loan options will require the full process […]

How to Qualify for a VA Refinance Loan in Austin

Do you need assistance with a VA Refinance Loan in Austin? If you own a home in Texas and you’re a veteran, you may be eligible for a VA Refinance Loan. Why should you consider home refinancing? If you have years left on your mortgage, it can be to your benefit to refinance your home […]

The Benefits of a Texas Vet Loan

The Veterans Land Board has a unique, one-of-a-kind program for Texas veterans. Texas veterans can purchase land via the VLB Veterans Land Loan Program. There are no other programs like it in the United States. Therefore, if you are a Texas veteran, you have an amazing opportunity to purchase land at a competitive rate. As […]

Five Crucial Facts About an FHA Loan in Austin

Are you looking to buy a new home in Austin? If you are, then an FHA loan may be the right choice for you. The most important factor in the purchase of a new home is to consider how much you can afford. It is important to add in the additional expenses of insurance, taxes, […]

Secrets to Getting a Veterans Home Loan in Texas

Are you a military veteran living in the state of Texas? Yes? Do you want to purchase a home in the state of Texas? Yes? Good. Then, you’ve found the right place to learn more about getting a Veterans Home Loan in Texas. In 1983, legislatives created the Veterans Land Board: Veterans Housing Assistance Program […]

Three Keys to Getting FHA Loans in Texas

FHA loans in Texas are some of the easiest loans to get when purchasing a new home. The requirements and down payment amounts are lower than some other loan options that are available. To get an FHA loan, you need to have a median FICO score (credit score) of 580 and 3.5% of the loan […]