3 Keys to Getting an FHA Refinancing Loan in Dallas

Do you need assistance with getting an FHA Refinancing Loan in Dallas? If you own a home in Dallas, it’s time to consider refinancing your home loan with an FHA refinance loan. Some FHA refinance loan options are streamlined for a faster and smoother process. Other FHA refinance loan options will require the full process of thorough documentation to qualify for and receive an FHA refinance loan. One of the main factors in determining which type of process you will need to complete to get an FHA refinancing loan in Dallas depends upon the current home mortgage that you currently hold.

Existing FHA Loan Holders

If you are an existing FHA loan holder, you may qualify for a streamlined refinancing process. This is called an FHA streamline refinance. Some of the benefits of doing an FHA streamline refinance is that you don’t have to have an appraisal completed. In addition, this program requires less stringent credit and underwriting requirements. With these reduced requirements, it is easier for you to lower your monthly payments. In addition to already having an FHA loan, you must also be current on all payments to be eligible for this program. However, a word of caution: an FHA refinancing loan requires that all closing costs be paid upfront. The balance of the loan cannot include closing costs.

Short Refinance for Non-FHA Borrowers

This next key to getting an FHA refinancing loan in Dallas is regarding those individuals who do not currently have an FHA loan. In addition, this is for those who are underwater with their mortgage. With this program, the loan-to-value maximum is 97.75%. To qualify for this program, you must be current on payments and participate in a three-month trial program.

To be eligible, the minimum FICO score must be 500. Furthermore, a huge caveat to this program is that the lenders must agree to forgive 10% of the current mortgage value.

Cash Out for New and Current FHA Borrowers

With an FHA refinancing loan in Dallas, there is an option available to get cash out of your home during a refinance. This option is available for both those individuals who currently have an FHA loan and for those who do not. When you choose this option, you can cash out anything above the value of your home up to 85% of the loan to value ratio.

As a result, this program requires a full underwriting with all the necessary documentation that the lender needs. The minimum required FICO score for this type of loan is 500. However, if you have a FICO score of 600 or higher, you can get a more favorable rate. Another stipulation to this loan is that the borrower must be within the 4% back-end debt-to-income ratio. To come up with this amount, you must take your new/future home mortgage and all your monthly expenditures. This number must be under 43% of your monthly income. For those individuals with great credit, they may be able to cash out up to 95% of their mortgage if they fit certain criteria.

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