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Find the right FHA home loan anywhere with a mortgage lender committed to Making Your Dreams Come True!

Conventional Mortgages

For loans up to and including $424,100, this is the ideal mortgage for prospective buyers with a credit score of at least 620, who wish to put down as little as 3% down.

FHA Purchases

Federal Housing Aministration loans are specifically for first-time homeowners or for those who, due to lower credit scores or limited credit, may otherwise find it difficult to secure a mortgage.

100% Financing

Saving enough money for a down payment on a home purchase can be challenging. The higher your down payment, the lower  your new mortgage, saving you money in the long run. If you are struggling to acquire enough money ahead for this, we may be able to offer assistance.

FHA Loans

With a credit score as low as 500, you may secure a FHA loan. Secured by the Federal Housing Administration, this can assist first-time buyers with a 3.5% down payment to acquire their dream home. Even with a lower amount paid down, prospective buyers may qualify for down payment assistance.

VA Loans

The Veterans Administration assists those with credit scores as low as 500 in acquiring a mortgage of up to $424,100 with no down payment! 25% of this VA loan is guaranteed.

Jumbo Loans

A Jumbo loan is just what it implies, that the loan exceeds $424,100. Whereas 25% of the loan up to that amount is guaranteed without down payment, any amount above this requires the veteran home buyer to put down 25% on the amount of the VA loan exceeding the $424,100.

New Construction

Signature Lending collaborates with several builders who will help pay your closing costs and provide additional upgrades to your new home.

Refinance Cash Out Mortgages

Refinancing your mortgage through FHA Streamline refinance program does not permit homeowners to receive cash-out from their properties. This means that remortgaging a higher loan than the original amount does not allow you to access any equity you have built up in your property.

ALT-A Mortgages

Most conventional mortgage providers require applicants to provide proof of earnings and a sufficient credit check score before granting a mortgage.

Signature Lending Services exists to help you and your family achieve your dream of home ownership by offering the financing that fits your needs. We realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to financing a home in your area and with your unique situation. we are able to sift through the available options to find just the right fit. Our commitment is to help you realize your dream!

What is DownPayment Assistance and How Can it Help?

When applying for a mortgage, applicants must make a downpayment on the purchase price of the property. The larger the downpayment, the lower the morgage will be, which is beneficial in the long run. However, saving a large enough downpayment can be challenging. The average downpayment is about 6%, which for a starter home of $148,527, amounts to $8,912. The good news is that if you are unable to do this, we can help!

Difficulties of saving for the downpayment

The task of saving for a home mortgage downpayment can be daunting, especially in this day of soaring home prices and rising rental costs.  According to Zillow, the leading real estate marketplace, a typical renter could take up to 27 years to save enough for a 20% downpayment on a starter home. Opting for a loan that accepts as low as 3% downpayment  will abbreviate that period to more like 4 years, an achievable goal. Assistance from family or friends, or cashing in on retirement savings are options that may further accelerate the process.

Veterans Administration Loans

When looking at FHA loan financing for a new property purchase, it’s imperative to know exactly what options are available to you. If you are an eligible veteran, for example, it will often be in your interest to seek a VA loan guaranteed by the United States Veterans Administration.

What are the Benefits of Using a VA Loan?

The benefits of using a VA loan to purchase a property are simple. Borrowers do not have to make any amount of down payment on a property. Also, unlike  the FHA loan option, veterans will not be required to pay private mortgage insurance.

What Our Clients Think

We love our clients and our clients love our work!

Mark has been very detailed, hardworking and knowledgeable throughout this whole process. My husband and I are expecting so we are very anxious to make sure our first home purchase is a positive experience. We appreciate Mark and his staff’s superb effort and we have the fullest amount of faith in Signature Lending Services.

Mary Ann Kelly

First Time Home Buyers

The team at Signature Lending were wonderful, outstanding, helpful and a very respectful mortgage company. My experience with a prior lender was terrible and I am glad I chose Signature Lending to help me on my purchase.

Amy Sanders

Mortgage Client

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