What You Need to Know about the Cash-Out Refinancing Option statistics report that Cash Out Refinance loans are among the most popular refinancing loans in the US. Recent reports show that approximately 63% of all refinancing falls into this category.

The mortgaging crisis of over a decade ago is no longer a concern; and with home equity reviving, cash-out refinancing is a great way to secure lower interest rates and have extra cash available.

Taking advantage of low interest rates now can give you that cash buffer you may need as a safeguard if they rise again in the future.

Statistics demonstrate a rising growth in home equity for the foreseeable future, making this a good time to consider Cash-Out Refinancing to take advantage of an extra cash-in-hand opportunity.

Think of what you could do with the money from home equity! Pay off other debts, take that much dreamed of vacation, renovate that room…your imagination is your only limit. 

The Benefits of a Cash-Out-Refinance: Making full use of your money

Now may be your opportunity to use the improved equity in your home. The market increase in your home’s value may qualify you for Cash-Out refinancing, putting that money right into your bank account to utilize as you wish. How about investing, buying that boat, adding that deck?

If your initial mortgage rate was high, you can take advantage of lower interest rates now with better terms, lowering your monthly payments and easing the strain on your budget.

Cash-Out refinancing may be just what you are looking for!

Find out if I qualify for a Cash-Out Refinance!

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