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Buying a home can seem overwhelming. After all, it is one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. At Signature Lending Services, we feel the key to a successful experience is to provide as much information to our clients as possible.

The following is an outline of the entire loan process, from beginning to end. By reading on, you will learn the materials you need, where to get them, and who to give them to.

Application and Preapproval

The first step in the loan process is to complete an application. This can be done via our website, or over the telephone with one of our experienced Loan Officers. It takes about 20 minutes and there is no cost or obligation. Once your application is complete, a Loan Officer will contact you to review it.

Supporting Documentation

Upon review of your application, you will receive an emailed list of the supporting documentation needed to obtain preapproval.

Document Checklist

The most important thing to remember when applying for a home loan, is that lenders essentially just want to make sure that you are of good financial character. The main documents which lenders will want to look at will subsequently include:

  • Proof of your earnings for the two years leading up to your application
  • Proof of residency and any rent which you have paid
  • Your personal tax returns for at least the last two years
  • An IRS wage and tax statement (W-2) covering your past two years employment history
  • Documents pertaining to any existing debts or lines of credit you have
  • Your past two months checking and savings account statements

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