Secrets to Getting a Veterans Home Loan in Texas

Are you a military veteran living in the state of Texas? Yes? Do you want to purchase a home in the state of Texas? Yes? Good. Then, you’ve found the right place to learn more about getting a Veterans Home Loan in Texas. In 1983, legislatives created the Veterans Land Board: Veterans Housing Assistance Program to aid Texas veterans in buying a home.

What are the secrets to getting a Veterans Home Loan in Texas? With a Veterans Home Loan, you have the opportunity to purchase a home with a low-interest loan and with little to no down payment coming out of your pocket. However, there are several requirements to qualifying and purchasing your new home. In order to review all requirements for a Veterans Home Loan in Texas, check out the Texas General Land Office website for all the details.

Home Requirements for a Veterans Home Loan in Texas

  • The home must be in located in the state of Texas.
  • The home needs to be your primary residence when it is purchased. Upon buying this home, it must remain your primary residence for 3 years.
  • The home must be a single-family dwelling, a condominium, or a townhome.
    The home must have an Energy Star certification rating.

Veteran Status for a Veterans Home Loan in Texas

  • You must either be an active member of the military, a member of the Texas National Guard, a reserve military veteran who has completed 20 qualifying years for retirement, or a veteran who has served a minimum of 90 active days within the military unless discharged due to disability.
  • You can not have been negatively discharged from the military.
  • Special discounts are offered to disabled veterans and unmarried surviving spouses of a military veteran.

Credit Requirements for a Veterans Home Loan in Texas

  • You must have a minimum FICO (credit score) of 620 to be eligible for a Veterans Home Loan in Texas.
  • Some lenders may be able to help with less-than-good credit, depending on your payment history in the previous 12 months.
  • With a good credit history over the past 12 months, you might be able to bypass the previously mentioned credit score rating.

Documentation for a Veterans Home Loan in Texas

To prove your military status for a Veterans Home Loan, you will need to provide copies of your Veteran’s VA Certificate of Eligibility, Statement of Service if active, or a copy of your Veteran’s DD214 if you are no longer active in the military.

Contact Signature Lending Services Now

In conclusion, the key to getting a Texas Veterans Home Loan is to be willing to remain in Texas for the next several years. In addition, you must choose a home that you wish to remain in for some time. Lastly, you need to have all your documentation ready to provide your lender for a faster approval process.

In summary, getting a Veterans Home Loan in Texas does not have to be complicated. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you have the most pleasant home-buying experience, contact Signature Lending Services. Signature Lending Services is an experienced industry leader. To get started with a Veterans Home Loan in Texas, call (214)-681-3540.

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